The Theory Test

This guide contains 3 sections

1) About the Test

2) Links to Learning Resources

3) How to book your Test

You must pass your theory test before you are able to book your practicle driving test. I do recommend that you study and practice for this test.


About the Test

The theory test is made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test.

If you pass one part and fail the other you’ll fail the whole test, and you’ll need to take both parts again.

The questions in the multiple-choice test will depend on the category of vehicle you are hoping to get a licence for. For example, a motorcycle theory test will contain questions that don’t appear in any other test.

For the hazard perception test there are no separate versions for different vehicles, but the pass mark is different for them.

The multiple-choice part

Before the test starts you’ll be given instructions on how it works.

You can choose to do a practice session of multiple-choice questions to get used to the layout of the test. At the end of the practice session the real test will begin.

A question and several possible answers will appear on a computer screen - you have to select the correct answer.

You can move between questions and ‘flag’ questions that you want to come back to later in the test.

Some car and motorcycle questions will be given as a case study. The case study will:

The car and motorcycle multiple-choice part lasts for 57 minutes and the pass mark is 43 out of 50.

After the multiple-choice part you can choose to have a break of up to 3 minutes before the hazard perception part starts.

The hazard perception part

Before you start the hazard perception part, you’ll be shown a short video clip about how it works.

You’ll then be shown a series of 14 video clips on a computer screen. The clips:

A developing hazard is something that may result in you having to take some action, such as changing speed or direction.

Hazard perception test scoring

The earlier you notice a developing hazard and make a response, the higher you will score.

The most you can score for each developing hazard is 5 points.

To get a high score you need to respond to the developing hazard as soon as you see it starting.

If you click continuously or in a pattern during a clip a message will appear at the end. It will tell you that you have scored zero for that particular clip.

You won’t be able to review your answers.

The pass mark for cars and motorcycles is 44 out of 75.

Your test result

You’ll be given the results of your theory tests at the test centre after taking it.

You get a pass certificate if you pass your theory test. You’ll need this when you book and take your practical test.

Your theory test pass certificate lasts for 2 years after taking your test. You’ll need to take and pass the theory test again if you haven’t passed your practical test by then.


Links to Learning Resources

Take a Practice test Here The official government website.

Mobile App The official AA app use your pupil refernce number for added content.


How To Book Your Theory Test

I highly recommend that you book your theory test using the official GOV.UK site. If you use an unofficial site, you might pay more than you need to or you may not get your booking at all.

If you have any special needs, such as hearing or reading difficulties, or you need the test translated into another language, you migh be able to get extra help. Visit the official GOV.UK site to find out about getting help with the theory test.

Please study and practice for your theory and hazard perception test before you book it!

for more information please contact myself.